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One of my favorite songss everrr :) <3

Funniest thing alive :)

Broken Heart

That feeling when someone you love doesn’t feel the same for you anymore, and all you could do is cry and think of good memories that you had with that person.

Those days i have when i tell her my feelings for her and all she could do i laugh and reject them, but no worries, im use to that.

I treated you like a queen, and you just treat me like the slave, always making fun of me and making me feel like nothing, Its ok, im use to that. I always made you feel good about yourself and you just made me feel like dirt, you know how i feel about you so, why would you do that.

Your a drug and your all i think about……

Yet, i have a broken heart, that has been continued being beaten by words.



Just break the remaining peices.

- Lucifer



Hail Satan

Awesome Song :)

Best song by Chelsea Grin….in my opinion :)